UK Summer Rock

Intro Course
Days from 120 per day. Maximum ratio 1:12

So youd like to know what climbing is all about. Come along and I will show you the way!

Prerequisites: None and equipment is provided!

Indoor to outdoor conversion
150 per person for two days. 1:2 ratio

Traditionally people learnt to climb from going out with more experienced friends. In the late 1970s climbing walls appeared to offer climbers training opportunities in the winter. Nowadays many people take their first steps inside on plywood and plastic; my courses take you outside on to real rock!

Prerequisites: Some indoor climbing experience; an ability to belay is an advantage!

Guided classics
200 per day. 1:2 ratio

The Classic Rock series has inspired generations of climbers to climb their dream routes. Many areas now have select guides pointing the way to the best rock climbs in the area. I offer guiding up the routes, YOU wish to do.

Learn to lead
200 per day. 1:2 ratio

Taking the step and the responsibility into your own hands many say being on the sharp end is the only way to climb! Learn how to place natural protection, build belays, mental tactics and movement skills.

Prerequisites: Some seconding experience and the desire to lead.

Self rescue
200 per day. 1:2 ratio

Would you know what to do if your climbing partner became injured or ill? Or if they were unable to second a pitch? I can give you the tools to help get yourself out of trouble!

Prerequisites: Some leading experience.